Monday, November 9, 2015

Abilene Letter #5

Hi everyone!!!! It's so awesome to see all the great pictures of everyone!!! This week was pretty monotone. We visited alot of LAs (less actives) again. We didn't quite reach all of them, but we are still getting in houses!! It's a lot of fun! This last Tuesday I went on exchanges with the Sweetwater elders. Elder Starkey (he came out to the mission with me) went with Elder Felts and ran the Spanish area.   I had the awesome opportunity to go with Elder Heiner and run Sweetwater! Sweetwater is a town about 45 minutes outside of Abilene.  Because of some ticket problems, Elder Heiner doesn't have a tiwi card yet, so sadly, isn't able to drive a mission car. Guess what!  I got to drive! It was fun, but Texas highways are a lot faster than back home. The speed limit is like eighty. It was super fun! We stopped by and talked to members. I got to help teach a plan of salvation lesson. It was fun! The lesson was taught to an entire family! I guess that doesn't usually happen. (The only reason the rest of the family was outside with us was because they were all smoking, but hey I'll take what i can get :) ) Hahaha.   Sweetwater was saving miles for later so even though I could drive we were entirely on bikes. I had two bike days. They were fun. Sweetwater has a lot of hills. It was fun to see other Elders and their style of doing things. Wednesday at eleven we exchanged back, so don't worry, I'm still with Elder Felts! Saturday though, we will find out if we are being transferred! It's crazy how long I've been in Texas! It's already the beginning of week six! We keep working hard with our new investigators! They are slowly progressing, though we haven't seen our two older ones in a week because they haven't responded yet or answered the door. On our Spanish bike day we were riding along and this dog that wasn't too big but it wasn't tiny followed us. It turned out to be a stray, but it followed us a long time. We called it Poncho. It wouldn't leave us alone, but then we passed some other dogs and it left us.  That was fine becuase it would be tough with a stray dog following us. There are a ton of dogs here but they generally only bark and don't do much else to us. I'm good and I'm happy! I got a rain jacket today for proselyting. It rains here still. Always fun. I ran through some awesome puddles on bike day. One looked like a minor puddle, but it turned out to be a mini pond! haha! It was fun! I loved seeing all the pictures of you guys! Yeah, we try to do 10 hours of service a week. We help at the food bank, we helped an older lady work on her house and we do spontaneous service. That's always the funnest! I haven't gotten your letter yet dad but I'm watching for the mailman and I haven't gotten any packages other than the Halloween one.  Yes, I'm at the library. We go there every pday. Did you guys have a Stake Conference broadcast this last Sunday? We did! It was so cool they spoke specifically to the US South West area. It was really cool. I wish I could have understood more because it was all in Spanish for me :).  I still love Texas! I teach more in Spanish every day! I love you guys and hope you have an amazing blessed week!!!! Btw, my ponderize scripture was 2 nephi 25:26! This one I did in Spanish!! I have it memorized.  I worked hard this morning! "Y hablemos de cristo, nos regocijamos de cristo, predicamos de cristo, profetizamos de cristo y escribimos segun nuestras profencias para que nuestras hijos sepan a que fuenta han de acudir para la remision de sus pecados."
i love you all so much!!! Read your scriptures!! They are the key!!! I love you! Miss you!!

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