Saturday, August 29, 2015

First Letter From the MTC!

I Made IT!!!  I'm loving the MTC! The first day went by so fast.  I think the excitement of being here got me through the first day! It was a little crazy. I have been in two companionships so far.  I got here and it was awesome.  My books are heavy but the Spanish is awesome.  I was the last one to get here in my classroom (district). I was first assigned to my current companionship which is the one I was originally supposed to be in. I am part of a trio. My first companion in the trio is Elder Gygi.  He is from Mesa, Arizona and has been called to serve in the Buenos Aires Argentina mission.   The second companion is Elder Brockbank.  He is from Elk Ridge, Utah and has also been called to serve in the Buenos Aires Argentina mission.  Most of my district has been called to serve in Argentina except for four out of the twelve. When I got here they reassigned me to be companions with Elder Nock, so he was my first actual companion here at the MTC. Elder Nock is from Arkansas and is a super awesome guy with an awesome powerful spirit.  He has been called to Ecuador. He was originally supposed to go to the Mexico MTC, but due to visa problems he is here now. He had a different companion assigned to him, but his companion was coming late. He was supposed to be with Elder Seims but he didn,t come until midnight on Wednesday so I was a temporary companion to Elder Nock. When Elder Seims got here I went back into the trio. Elder Seims is really cool. He is from Alaska and is going to California. He doesn't know any Spanish, but when he speaks it, he contains such humility and meekness. It has huge power.  It's so cool to hear. I have met three other Elders who are going to Lubbock too!! One is in my zone (branch). The other two are in another zone, but we all came in the same day. You were right, the first day I got a dork dot. Hahaha! My Spanish is coming along great. All of us in our district except Elder Seims have either taken at least two years of Spanish or like four years of another foreign language. Un poco y poco me espanol es emprovado. The Lord and spirit bless you so much! In forty five minutes I was able to memorize over 45 spanish vocab words.  Yesterday we started praying only in Spanish.   I taught my first investigator yesterday totally in Spanish.   It was fine.  We taught on the power of oracion (prayer).  Podemos fortelaza nuestro relacion con nuestro Padre Celestial a traves a oracion ( we are able to strengthen our relationship with heavenly father through prayer). It went well.  I was able to speak okay to her, but I was able to understand all that she said and I felt the spirit so strong as we taught.  It helped put words in our mouths. I love the MTC! I'm doing my laundry now.  I've ironed all my shirts and I even had to teach Elder Gygi how to iron a shirt.  I shined my shoes and our residence reeks of shoe wax now, but it's awesome. My teacher is Hermano Savio from Olympia, Washington, went to Panama on a mission, and is teaching Spanish at the MTC. Most the teachers are around 22 and are students at BYU.  We have a second teacher, an Hermana, but she is pretending to be the investigator we taught.  We are being  evaluated and we aren't supposed to know she is our teacher, but we asked Hermano Savio if she was and your not supposed to lie so he told us. Saturdays are my P-days so expect an email sometime around 9:30 am. We go to the temple as a zone at 1:50 pm, but it is against the rules to see family there and it's not good.  You get in trouble if you do, so sorry, but please don't come find me. Hahaha. I'm loving the MTC! Those shoes were an answer to prayers! I needed them for our first gym time today and I got the package yesterday evening because that's the first day to get our mail! I was praying they would get here before that so I wouldn't impede my companions.  Thank you so much for sending them!!! The food was amazing too! The food here isn't as good as mom's and there is lots of it.  It's rich, but I say it's just above Timberline food. I've been trying to do exercise at night but with all this food you feel very lethargic so I need my gym time. How's home doing? I miss you guys! It is so cool, missionaries as far as the eyes can see! As we sing Called to Serve the spirit is so strong and this is a choice group of people. Tanner and Hunter, I can't wait for you to get here. It is so fun and has an amazing spirit! I miss all of you so much! Hopefully you guys have been doing awesome! I keep you in my prayers! Yes even in Spanish! No matter what I always wake up at six. I don't know why but I get to go shower and get ready and skip all the lines. It's awesome getting that extra study time. You cant get extra name tags until your out in the field so that's sad. Miss you guys! Thanks again for the package and the wonderful letters!!! I love you!
Nos Vemos (we see each other again)
Elder Wilson
P.S. I guess I'm not Hermano Wilson. It's Elder Wilson.  It's a title like sir or teacher.
 Here we are in one of the other residences of our District!
Elder Gygi is on my left (facing the camera.  He has the lighter hair and the glasses.
Elder Brockbank is on my right with the black hair standing next to me.
The rest are some awesome guys in my district, but Elder Nock and Elder Seims aren't in there.
The other elders are great guys and I'm getting to know them. There is Elder Lee from left to right (facing the camera) with the LA shirt, then Elder Worth, then in the white shirt in the middle standing is Elder Lee (yes there are two) and sitting is Elder Pingree. They are sweet guys! Lovin, the MTC!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Entering the MTC

Elder Wilson reported to the Provo MTC yesterday (8-26-2015).  He was excited and ready to go.  We are so excited for him!  It was a very bittersweet day for us. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Only two days until Elder Wilson reports to the MTC.  Wow!  Time flies!

Camee Miller Wilson's photo.