Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 5 in Pecos!

Hello my amazing family!! 
This week in Pecos was a hard week but it was still good. Seriously everyone went out of town!! It was nuts! It was so hard to get lessons this week and so knocking was like zero, but we had some good phone contact this week with our investigators. We stayed super busy though this week with service! We are helping them set up the new library, so that is super cool! We also went around to local businesses and asked if they needed service.  It turns out everyone in Pecos are working on inventories for their business, so I did like 4 inventories this week for businesses and then Elder Garcia would share the gospel with everyone in the shop :) It was fun! Finding all the time! We also had exchanges in Rt Stockton this week and it was good! For my animal loving brothers, I caught a Texas horny toad and its baby while doing service! The baby lizard was as small as a dime! We also caught a scorpion :) It was cool! The work down there was slow, but we got to help them out! We also had interviews this week with President Hales.  He loves the mission and he is definitely here to help us! He is such a humble and reverent guy!  So, funny story, we had 40 people at church this week because everyone slept in and missed church! It was funny! Everyone got back Saturday and they all forgot to set their alarms for church the next day! Everyone is back though  and we are going to hit it hard! 
 I love you all!! I hope you have a great day! 
Con amor,
Nos vemos,
Elder Wilson